Yeast Infection: What is Male Yeast Infection?

Yeast Infection: What is Male Yeast Infection?

Contrary to the common belief that only women can have yeast infection, we find yeast infection in males as well. Yeast infection is something any one can be infected by including kids. It has more to do with hormonal imbalances than gender. So what exactly is male yeast infection?

Yeast infection in males also has symptoms and reasons similar to female yeast infection. Candida is present in men also therefore it can multiply easily if suitable environment is available. This is exactly what happens when yeast infection spreads in males. Yeast is present in warm and moist areas of body like armpit, groin and anus.

Some well known and commons reasons of male yeast infection.

Just like female yeast infection, antibiotics work very well to kill bad as well as good bacteria. Though men usually do not require too much antibiotics, it is not very unlikely. If one keeps taking antibiotics, this can be called a side effect of antibiotics.
External transmission through sexual contact is possible if you indulge in unprotected sex with the infected partner. Tough it is not one of the sexually transmitted diseases; it becomes serious if left untreated.

Following are the commons symptoms of male yeast infection.

Itching at the head of the penis the most common symptom of penile yeast infection
Thick white discharges from the heads of the penis.
Small blisters at the head of the penis with irritation.
Entire penile area develops itchy sensation after a period of time if no treatment is done.

It is very common for people to ignore yeast infection until it assumes serious proportions or start hampering work. In facts it should be taken care of more promptly because it multiplies very fast and within a day or two you may feel very embarrassed going about your day to day work. Treating male infection is much simpler that treating female yeast infection, therefore instead of ignoring it, one should take immediate treatment before it spreads to one’s partner.

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