Why is Spring an Ideal Time for Liposuction?

Why is Spring an Ideal Time for Liposuction?

Chicago, IL-The days are getting longer the weather is getting warmer and people are beginning to plan their summer vacations. Planning for a summer vacation entails more than just booking flights, hotels and rental cars; it also means people begin to think about how they are going to look in bathing suits and summer clothes.

After people shed those heavy winter clothes, they may have noticed they gained a few pounds over the cold months, or they are finally fed up with fat they’ve been working hard to eliminate. For some, the thought of putting on a bathing suit is simply unbearable because they are insecure about how they look. Just a small pocket of fat can make a person so unhappy they won’t be able to relax or enjoy summer activities like walking on the beach or swimming.

So why is spring an ideal time to have liposuction? Mainly because if the time it takes to heal following the procedure.

Most plastic surgeons recommend that anyone considering liposuction or other body contouring procedures at least six weeks before targeted date.

By now most people realize liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted fat from the body. And while the stomach, thighs and buttocks are the most common problem areas men and women seek to correct, liposuction can be utilized to remove fat from the arms, neck, back and even the ankles; basically any part of the body that makes them feel unattractive.

The unsightly fat is gently removed from the body, through a variety of state-of-the art techniques which can employee lasers, ultra-sound and power-assisted instruments. Regardless of the technique your plastic surgeon, each patient will need time to heal, which can vary from patient to patient.

While liposuction is considered to be minimally invasive it still requires some anesthesia and small incisions. The fat is suctioned out of the body so it causes some amount of trauma to the surrounding tissue so patients will experience some minimal side-effects from the procedure.

Patients will experience some swelling, pain and discomfort for a few days or weeks following liposuction and may experience some drainage at the surgery site. Some liposuction patients are required to have drainage tubes at the surgery site for a limited number of days to prevent fluid buildup that can lead to infections, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.Additionally, body contouring patients must wear compression garments to reduce swelling and make sure the patient gets optimal results. These compression garments ensure the patient’s new contours are maintained as their body goes through the healing process.

Planning a liposuction procedure now can assure that by the time you head on your summer vacation, you look your best, and aren’t afraid to slip into a summer dress or a sexy bathing suit. Not only will you look better but you will feel better about yourself. Recent studies have shown that liposuction patients are actually happier and have a positive attitude about life in general.

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