Where Does Cork Flooring Come From And How Is It Made?

Where Does Cork Flooring Come From And How Is It Made?

Very best for kitchens and bathrooms, cork flooring is a comfortable and environmentally sustainable flooring possibility that can be used in any room that calls for one thing distinctive, refined, and comfy. Advanced coating expertise provides cork floorings a extremely resistant and lengthy-lasting safety even in excessive traffic environments. Resilient yet durable, trendy but earthy, a natural cork ground can turn any cool room into a comfortable haven.

As This Previous House technical editor Mark Powers reveals right here, in one afternoon you’ll be able to turn a kitchen or playroom flooring into a snug mat where your toes can roam free with out fear of the big chill. This pure raw material from the bark of the cork oak can do a lot more than just stopper wine and champagne bottles. A cork ground supplies reliable footfall sound, room sound and heat insulation – and is yet very easy to take care of.

Carefully selected and processed cork kinds the idea for an environmentally pleasant ground overlaying that is higher in resilience and building biology than most over floor coverings. Cork shrinks by up to 40 p.c under strain – and instantly recovers to its original form as soon as the strain level is normal once more. One piece of cork of the size of a sugar dice accommodates about 60 million air cells. People with allergies or asthma additionally respect cork as a result of it doesn’t acquire mud and filth and actually stays clear right down to the pores.

Right now cork is used for the ergonomic soles of sandals, floats of fishing nets, environmentally pleasant insulation of roofs and partitions, and at the same time as a high-tech insulation materials within the House Shuttle. The only commercially vital supply of cork is the bark of the cork oak (Quercus sufoer). The cork oak must be about 20 years previous earlier than its bark is eliminated for the primary time. Cork is nearly tasteless and odorless, resists deterioration, and is greater than 50 % air by quantity. Two-thirds of the world’s cork provide comes from Spain and Portugal, where the cork oak is cultivated extensively.

Later strippings, which are made about nine years aside for a few hundred years, give cork of a finer quality. The cork is slit with a specially designed ax or curved noticed and pried and peeled loose with the help of levers and wedges. After stripping, the cork is stacked for several weeks to season, and then boiled to soften it and to take away the tannic acid. The coarse outer part of the bark is scraped off and the remaining cork is pressed and dried into finished cork after which packed for delivery all around the world. In spring of 2008 Smith and Fong Plyboo earned FSC certification on it’s bamboo flooring.

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