What To Wear in France in May

What To Wear in France in May

This post should really say – What to wear to France in Spring. But it doesn’t because I’m not totally sure is May is spring for France. And I’m too lazy to look it up. Cool story, bro. Anywho, I recently went to France for the FIRST time this May and it was pretty much the best trip maybe ever. Right behind New Zealand. I miss New Zealand so much. That place is perfection. But France is still pretty magical, especially in May. We were so lucky when we were there because the rain had just recently stopped and we had clear skies every single day! But we did definitely need layers. So today I want to walk you through some of the looks I wore while in France and talk about other items I wish I would have packed more of to keep me just a tad warmer throughout the trip!

First up – the travel look. Whenever you’re heading out on a day of international travel, you MUST wear comfortable clothes. No trying to be cute for when you land. No. Keep it casual with leggings or joggers then make sure you have LAYERS. You never know if the airplane or airport is going to be hot or cold, so be sure to come prepared with some layers you can put on and off. And one of those helpful layers is a cozy scarf. I once was stuck in the Miami airport overnight in shorts and a tank top, and an infinity scarf like this one was the only thing that kept me from getting frostbite. That airport is cold. And miserable. A scarf like this will keep you warm and cozy, and can even be used as a blanket or pillow!

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