What Motivates You? And What KEEPS You Motivated?

What Motivates You? And What KEEPS You Motivated?

With the New Year upon us slowly turning into just another year, every single day becomes the perfect time to reflect and think about what is keeping you motivated. Because if you can truly understand those motivations, then they will continue to push you even when life gets in the way. Motivation doesn’t just ignite without you creating the flame. And you have to create that flame day after day after day, even when you don’t feel like it.

Eating well and working out is hard compared to other alternatives. It’s hard to plan your meals, it’s hard to prep them, it’s hard to get to the gym, it’s even harder to workout. It’s easy to go through a drive-thru, to sit on the couch, to make excuses and to do it all over the next day. Which turns into the next then the next. And it’s even easier to do all this when life is full of kids, or a sick parents, or a car that is in the shop or grandparents living with you, or an illness, or whatever else may be in your life at the time. With all the different things that life throws our way, it’s easy to lose motivation, to lose sight on our goals, and to lose the excitement we once had.

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But it doesn’t have to be that way, as long as you’re willing to constantly reflect and remind yourself why you were once motivated. For me, I was finally fed up 7 years ago and wanted to be happy in my own skin. I wanted the outside to represent how I felt on the inside. I wanted to wake up every day with a purpose, with a goal, and with a plan to accomplish everything I had envisioned for myself. And I’ve done that,…

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