What Makes A Glyco Nutrient Different From Any Other Supplement

What Makes A Glyco Nutrient Different From Any Other Supplement

In recent years a remarkable discovery has been made in research when trying to find out what the active ingredient of Aloe Vera is. This discovery that has been made became the basis of a new science, the science of Glyco Biology.

The science of Glyco Biology revolves around the discovery of monosacharides that assist the body in cell to cell communication.

The first monosacharide was discovered in Aloe Vera when scientists search for the active ingredient that seem to have miraculous properties when used for alternative medicine practices by people spreading over a time period of a thousand years into biblical times.

A discovery was made of a manno which is also referred to as a sugar and later a term by a public company called “Glyco Sugars” and ultimately a term of “Glyco Nutrient” which consist of 8 monosacharides stabilized in a natural gum in a patented proprietary product called “Advanced Ambrotose”.

You have read in the previous sentence that I have mentioned stabilized. What is the significance of this term to Advanced Ambrotose and what make it different from any other health or wellness product on the shelves anywhere in the world of any health shop or pharmacy?

  1.  The monosacharides that are in Advanced Ambrotose are active, live molecules that are stabilized in a natural gum to be able to have a shelf life for later consumption by humans to have the maximum benefit from all eight monosacharides that is physiologically required by our body to function optimally and restore proper wellness through an improved cell to cell communication system.
  2. Their technology is the only technology that has the right to be called “Real Food Technology“.
  3. The stabilization proses is patented and belongs exclusively to the company that has the patents to manufacture the products that are proprietary with the NSF (National Science Foundation) stamp of approval on them. No other pharmacy or company may manufacture or attempt to manufacture or distribute any product and claim that it is a glyco nutrient or have glyco nutrients in it.

The manno that was found in the aloe plant seemed to have a short life span in the sense that when a Aloe plant leaf was cut and the sap for example placed on a cut on a finger with in five minutes of cutting the Aloe leaf, the results of healing power were great in the speedily recovery of healing that took place.

Scientist doing research on Aloe Vera found that Aloe has a live active ingredient that does not stay alive very long when not inside of the plant. Meaning that if you cut an Aloe and placed that sap in a jar, with in the space of up to two hours later, that sap has lost most of its healing properties due to the fact that the live mannos in the sap has died and is totally useless.

Then the scientists discovered a way to stabilize the monnosacharides in a natural gum that gave the active ingredient in Aloe Vera a shelf life meaning that they could make a product with live active monosacharides that people could ingest with remarkable health benefit starting from the cellular level enabling the body to have what it physiologically requires to be able to restore optimal health.

A further discovery was made that there are in fact 8 monnosacharides that we humans require and all eight of these live active monnosacharides have been stabilized and placed in the product that I have mentioned earlier called Advanced Ambrotose. This product is a Glyco Nutrient and there is no other glyco nutrient on the planet other than this product which is proprietary and patented.

What scientists has found is that on the outside of our cells are little tree like structures called glyco forms and on these glyco forms are monosacharides that is vital for one cell to communicate with an other.

Cells communicate billions of messages every day about everything that happens in your body.

To give you an example: Cells has to recognize when there is damaged cells and then communicate to the killer cells to destroy them or else they may become a tumor as cancer. Cells need to communicate about what to do with the nutrients that you take in. Your body also need to be able to communicate to create stem cells that are blank cells that can be turned into any cell in the body to repair certain damaged areas in your body. This is vital if you have had a serious injury of some kind.

Through lack of these 8 essential monosacharides in our daily diet we indefinitely will get to a stage where we have one or more health challenges. One just has to look around to see that people are not getting better in this day and age but are in fact getting sicker.

It is because of the deficiency of these 8 monosacharides also referred to as sugars. One has to supplement with something called a Glyco Nutrient to have your body benefit from what it physiologically require to function optimally.

What happens when you take a glyco nutrient?

Well, as mentioned before, on the outside of our cells are glyco forms and on these glyco forms are supposed to be 8 monosacharides that is required for cell to cell communication. If one of these monosacharides are not on a glyco form then proper communication cannot take place from one cell to the other.

Imagine that you have a phone number of a friend but one digit is incorrect or missing. Would you be able to phone him or her?

The answer is no.

This is the case when monosacharides are missing on these structures of our cells and as time go by, your immune system is compromised making your body extremely vulnerable to various health challenges mainly with regard to auto immune diseases.

Interesting to note is the fact that it is these sugars that determine your blood group and as you know, you cannot give AB blood to A or B blood group. Just show you what the significant is with regard to these sugars in our body.

Glyco nutritionals assist the body in restoring the structures on these glyco forms by replacing the lacking monosacharides that restore proper cell to cell communication that lead to improved health.

The science of Glyco Biology is considered by MIT as being one of the top 10 emerging technologies that is going to change the world.

MIT has regarded cell phone technology as disruptive technology that will change the world and similarly MIT has regarded this science as disruptive technology that is going to change the world.

Documentation on the science of Glyco Biology can be obtained from the Harpers Illustrated 27 th Edition. There is a company that has proprietary patented technology described as Real Food Technology that is based on the science of Glyco Biology. This wellness company is the only company on the planet that has Real Food Technology.

Their technology adheres to all International Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and boast with the National Science Foundation (NSF) stamp of approval on their products that are validated in science to actually do what the label says that it does.

Further more, the company has stringent quality control in place to make sure that their products are of the highest standard with stabilized, standardized Real Food Technology supplements that promote cell to cell communication, regulation of the endocrine system, nourishment and protection from free radical damage from our toxic world that we live in with one of the most powerful antioxidants on the globe and it is not me just saying so. The scientific validation is their to back me up.

In fact, there is a website with the publications of the validation of their technology and being a public company they have to provide accurate information or the company would be shut down.

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