What Are The Major Causes of Stretch Marks?

What Are The Major Causes of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are caused by erratic growth and development of the body. This explanation suffices to supply a rationale of sprouting and engineered muscle growth, and skin stretch during pregnancy or when one engages in muscle building. While stretch marks are a harsh reality of life, they could potentially open doors to a wealth of knowledge about skin care and proper maintenance of a healthy body and mind. The popular belief that we are what we eat is imperative in understanding stretch marks, which are because of our erratic feeding habits.

A healthy skin is less likely to be affected by stretching given the fact that it has good torsion to allow gradual stretch. For example, pregnancy, which is blamed for many instances of stretch marks, is in-ardently a typical sprouting condition. If the skin has been well fed with nutrients that keep it capable of accommodating changes in our structure it will withstand the stretching. Unfortunately, due to our poor feeding habits and poor diets, the skin is hopeless against such factors.

A more definitive description of stretch marks and what causes them explains the context of causes as purely a case of stretch and torsion with the ‘skin’ being the subject and victim of our own biological and physical changes. In physics context, when elasticity loses the elasticity the obvious happens, tear, and wear. This scenario plays well in the case of stretch marks and the repercussions are disturbing and a harsh reality, especially to women who treasure beauty profoundly.

Pregnancy, muscle building, sprouting, and erratic growth and development cause stretch marks or rather are the commonplace factors that propagate development of the condition. Conversely, a well taken care-of skin is likely to withstand the stretch and come out unscathed while a poorly maintained skin will develop stretch marks. Getting rid of the stretch marks is frustrating and quite a process. While there are legion solutions to stretch marks, it is important to maintain a healthy diet to keep the skin healthy and handy enough to withstand stretch.

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