What Are The Causes of Yeast Infection?

What Are The Causes of Yeast Infection?

In order to understand what are the causes of yeast infection we need to understand what yeast is. Yeast is a unicellular micro organism that that reproduces by budding. Yeast is normally present in our body. Yeast infection is caused when their no. starts growing disproportionately. It is because of this sudden growth in the no. of yeast that we start feeling itchy.

The no. of yeast is kept under control by the acidity of our body. However if the acidity level goes down the yeasts start multiplying very fast. There could be various reasons for drop in acidity level. Here are a few reasons that cause the drop in acidity level of the moist areas of our body.

  • Excess intake of antibiotics causes a drop in the acidity level of vagina that causes yeast to multiply very fast.
  • During periods women undergo various hormonal changes that cause yeast infection to develop. Pregnancy also brings with it many hormonal changes which cause yeast infection.
  • Certain steroids and birth control pills are also responsible for yeast infection. In case birth pills are causing yeast infection, other contraceptive methods should be used.
  • Diabetic people are more prone to yeast infection. As sugar in the body provides very suitable environment for development of yeast, intake of sugar should be controlled.
  • Using excessive perfumed toiletries for washing vaginal area cause the imbalance in the acidic content of vagina which results in yeast infection.
  • Wearing very tight clothing do not allow air in the vaginal area causing a very suitable environment for development of yeast

These are some of the very common causes of yeast infection. There could be several other factors that may help the yeast infection to grow. It is highly recommended to wear loose clothes so that vaginal area gets enough air. Because of the tendency of yeast infection to recur again and again it is best to take precaution during periods and pregnancy so that yeast infection does not develop at all.

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