Weekly Workouts While Sailing Through The Caribbean

Weekly Workouts While Sailing Through The Caribbean

Reality is officially in full swing over here in the PaleOMG household. After 12 hours of travel yesterday followed by not arriving at home until 1am, I’m a tad pooped. Rejuvenated from amazing vacation, but still pooped. I’m not really sure what restless leg syndrome is, but based on the commercials I’ve seen, I have it. My late night flight last night had me CONSTANTLY moving in my seat and my feet feeling like they were swelling and twitching. Terrible. Maybe it’s just my legs itching for an awesome workout!

While I was on my 9 day vacation, I tried to work out as much as possible. And that meant working out as soon as I had my coffee in the morning. If I waited any longer, it wasn’t going to happen as the hot day went on and the sugary cocktails went down. And while on a vacation like this, I didn’t worry much about a crazy hard workout, I just worried about moving. Some days were easier than others, but no matter what, I was happy with getting in some sort of movement.

If you can get creative while traveling, you can workout really anywhere. You can run outside, work out in your hotel gym, or in your hotel room, or stop in a gym near you. Because honestly, you just need that lovely body of yours to get a good workout in. Almost all my workouts during the week were using only my body weight and making them up on the spot. Walk, run, swim, hike, jump, squat, lunge, push up, dip…just move. That’s what is important for the body. If you’re anything like me, you spend most days getting a hard workout in, so when you’re on vacation, it’s a…

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