Weekly Workouts While on the Road

Weekly Workouts While on the Road

I can’t believe I’ve been on the road for 12 days straight at this point. I’ve been in 8 different cities, and still have 3 more to go after I finish this stop in Chicago. I’ve eaten all I can fit in my body, done WAY more workouts than I thought I would, and still feel pretty good even with not sitting down for more than 45 seconds. I take that back. I sat for 3+ hours on the plane yesterday while flying to Chicago. But that doesn’t count, because we were up at 3:45am. Is that even a real time? Ew. Disgusting.

I, once again, fell asleep with my mouth open while flying. So gross.

Anywho, I’ve loved working out on the road lately. It’s been fun to challenge myself in hotel gym, try new workouts like Orange Theory with Vanessa, and to stop in other CrossFit gyms to see what they got going on. When people say they hate working out, I get it. But having new workouts to try and classes to go to has kept me feeling great while on the road, even while eating far too much food in the meantime.

So tell me, what did you think of me sharing what I ate in a day last week with my Weekly Workouts post? Did you like it? Do you not give a sh*t? Tell me stuff because I’m trying to make this blog better and better just for you! What exactly do you want to see? The more stuff you tell me, the more stuff I’ll add! This week, I have two new recipes for you AND a post with all of my favorite PaleOMG football snacks. Stay tuned! But for now, let’s check out last weeks workouts!

Sunday – This workout was done in our San Jose hotel gym! No one seemed to be working…

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