Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day While Traveling

Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day While Traveling

It’s hard to always be a leader. Whether it’s being a leader at work, or with our children, or relationship, or with our friends. But if we can take a leadership role in our own lives, more people will take notice. I say this after hearing some questions over the weekend about how to get a friend or a spouse involved with eating healthier and it’s usually not just as easy as asking them. Sometimes you just have to lead by example. When I first met my husband, he didn’t eat gluten free or paleo and I never told him he should. All I did was cook my normal meals, stick to my normal paleo eating habits and going to the gym, and I think he finally took notice of those behaviors and ended up asking me about paleo and if it would be a good fit for him.

At the end of the day, it’s not your responsibility to change other people’s behaviors. Whether you want them to stop smoking, stop chewing, start working out, start eating better; you have no control over what they decide to do with their own body. What you do have control over is what you put in your mouth, what effort you put in at the gym, and the hard work you put in to your own life. And if you are working your hardest, others will take notice. Your children will emulate those behaviors, your spouse may want to begin to take responsibility of their own life, and you will be able to continue with your healthy habits because more people around you will be doing them same.

Whenever you’re thinking about not working out or not eating healthy, remember that others take notice. Especially those squishy…

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