Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Well gooooooood morning! It’s about 5:30am over here this lovely Monday and I’m feeling a bit slow, but it’s time to raise hell and get to work! I leave town for Dallas on Thursday so all I can really do at this point is work my butt off to make sure everything is ready to go for you guys! I’m nervous about it because not long after I get back, I leave town again and then once more. Which means I have A LOT of podcasts to record early…and no topics to cover.

Speaking of podcasts, did you guys listen to my most recent one? I interviewed the owner of my CrossFit gym and my good friend Jason Kelly and he talks about starting your own business and how to stay motivated and interested in your business, no matter what is thrown your way over the years. He’s an awesome guy and I’ve continued to work for him for around 6 years now which proves I really do respect the guy since I usually work by myself, buried in my own house, away from all civilization. Hope you guys enjoy this one!

But before I let you go, let’s get into some Monday motivation to start off your day. Let’s talk about self doubt. Because I’ve been recently wallowing in my own self doubt and it’s something I recognize and try to get a handle of daily. Self doubt is one of those body numbing, mind altering, completely exhausting behaviors that is hard to shake at times. But if we are able to recognize those feelings as soon as they begin to creep into our lives, we are often able to get rid of them just as quickly. I’ve been doubting myself in a few ways recently and really letting…

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