Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Hello from Tulum! At this very moment, I’m sitting in bed, watching the sun rise from our airbnb. I would love to say it’s an adorable little place, but it smells like feces and the power keeps going out. And we are definitely in a sketch area that has dogs barking at all hours. But I have wifi at the moment so things are looking up! And I’m in Tulum so things are kind of always looking up. I’m out here celebrating my best friends birthday and it’s been cool exploring a new place that we’ve never been. I’m hanging with an amazing group of 6 people and we’ve been working out, drinking lots of margaritas, eating our body weight in corn tortilla chips, and not drinking nearly enough water. It’s been wonderful. Minus the brutal stomach ache I have. Is it possible to go to Mexico and not get a stomach ache? Ughhhhhhh.

It’s been surprisingly easy to workout while in Mexico. I planned to jump rope and do some air squats while I was here, but while we were walking back to our place the first night, we ran into a CrossFit-like gym and decided to immediately go there the next morning. The language barrier made it challenging but we figured everything out and we were able to get a great, sweaty workout in before a day of indulging. And we are going back this morning to get another workout in! So fun to sweat it out even if I have absolutely no idea what he’s saying to me. CrossFit is definitely our common love so it’s pretty easy to understand each other in some capacity!

Today is our last full day in Tulum and we are going to live in up at a beach…

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