Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

MONDAYYYYYY!! Are you having a hard time this Monday? I just coached my morning classes at my CrossFit gym and they all were completely silent. And dragging. And exhausted. Is it because it’s a holiday? Or because we are all getting older every single day? Or is it that it’s cooling down outside and our bones feel brittle. What is it people?! Tell me!

Anywho, life is back to normal around here. No more traveling…except I have to go to LA in a week…for only 10 hours…but other than that I’m back to my normal routine. Creating recipes, hanging out with my dog, and working out at my CF gym. Life is back in order. I even deep cleaned my house and started decorating. I’m so domestic. Time to get this house looking pretty so I can share some design ideas with you guys! I have absolutely no clue what the hell I’m doing, so it’s just trial and error at this point. We just painted a wall purple. Yes, purple. Hopefully this trial does not end in error. Trust me here, I’ll make it work. Tangent. Ok, back to workouts. Back at CF and feeling the fact that I haven’t done it in almost a month while I was traveling. I can feel my core is much weaker and lifts aren’t near as steady as they used to be. But I’m slowly getting back to normal! Here’s a peek at what I did this week plus some workout music, outfits, and of course, what I stuffed my face with! Feel free to share what you’re listening to and working out in in the comment section!!

Sunday – Orange Theory – This gym in Houston said they only rented heart rate monitors for $5, so I said eff…

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