Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s already Monday! This holiday weekend is really throwing me off. We planned to be at the lake all weekend, but then my husband dislocated a rib, so he’s just been in a lot of pain ever since so we’ve been sticking to our roots at home. Yesterday we had a handful of people come over to bbq and help us perfect a spicy margarita. The cocktails kept getting spicier. Then I bought spicy burgers. And we ate spicy salsa. I had weird dreams last night and I think it was from all the spicy food. Some of our friends who were over asked if there were buns and I didn’t get any for the party because only 1 or 2 would get eaten then we would have a whole package of uneaten gluten. Am I a bad hostess for not having buns? Do you think those friends are judging me? Or do you think I just did them a favor? I’m going with favor? They’ll thank me today? Right? Probably not. They’re never coming back over, are they? I officially suck as a hostess.

I just really got off track. Let’s get back on. So it’s a holiday today which means most people aren’t working out. Your gym might not even be open today, which is bullsh*t! I’m about to head in to workout then coach on this holiday. Holidays are the perfect time to make any excuse up to not workout or not eat your best, but today is just like any other day. What is going to keep you motivated this Monday? Do you need to get a workout in first thing? Or a run? Or a bodyweight workout at home? Who is going to hold you accountable if your personal trainer has today off? The answer is…

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