Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Goooooood morning from snowy Colorado! I went from lying in the backyard on our couches yesterday to bundling up under blankets inside within an hour. Colorado is bananas. I think everyone in Colorado is moving pretty slow today. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live out east right now where everyone keeps getting pounded with snow. I would seriously never leave my house.

Hopefully you’ve been reading my Monday posts the past one or two months because I’ve been talking a lot about accessory work I’ve been adding to my routine. My goal is totally vain, just trying to get a rounder bum. But I’ve definitely had trouble finding balance with CrossFit. I can pretty easily overtrain and for me, overtraining means weight gain. So this past week, I took somewhat of a rest week from my accessory work and I’m reevaluating how I’m going to balance all of it.

I really enjoy doing CrossFit AT LEAST 3x per week but I also want to do accessory work 3x per week. And I prefer to only workout 5x per week. So I really have no clue how to balance it yet. When I’ve tried to do it all, I’ve found myself pretty exhausted and not seeing the results I have previously. It’s also hard to find time to do it all. So hopefully I can figure it all out and share it here soon.

But it’s a good reminder that it’s pretty easy to overtrain the body if you’re not paying attention. You may see it as your body not responding or just leveling out, which can cause a person to train more in order to hopefully see results. I speak from experience. Don’t do this. More isn’t…

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