Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Happy Monday!! Can we just take a moment of silence for summer. She will be missed. Because it’s officially fall/winter here in Colorado. It’s currently 21 degrees outside and it snowed yesterday. AND it’s pitch black outside which means it’s going to be very challenging to get in an early morning workout. But after a funky week of workouts last week, I’m ready to get after it right away and start my week off in the best way possible!

Last week was super weird for workouts. I was traveling in Dallas over the weekend then went straight to Charleston. And since a hurricane was coming in while we were there, it made for some challenging outdoor workouts. Plus, when I got back to Denver, I did another profractional treatment which meant a few days off from the gym. BUT while in Charleston, we were still able to get some movements in while traveling which made us feel WAY better while consuming delicious Southern food. I’m not huge into running, mean I never just head out the door for a little afternoon jog, but I really loved running around Charleston and getting to know the neighborhoods. Plus Charleston has all the oxygen in the world over there (unlike Colorado) which makes running way more fun. And the run ended up getting me excited for some runs back home in Denver…when it’s not 21 degrees and snowing.

Anywho, this trip was a great reminder of how much I love working out while traveling. Not only did it help us see some of the sights, but it got us moving and feeling way better come heavy meal time. I had multiple heavy meals while in Charleston…

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