Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Happy Monday!!! Are you ready to get after this holiday week?! Hopefully yours is a short work week so you can spend some extra time on yourself and with your friends and family!

Have you created a game plan for this week? I’ve been setting you guys up with brand new healthier choices for your holiday spread so hopefully that’s helping you! But I also talked about eating healthier while traveling and during the holidays in my most recent podcast! If you can come up with a game plan and stick with it when it comes to your healthier choices, you’ll come out feeling like it was just another day! It’s all about prioritizing yourself first and not letting other people’s opinions and choices affect your own. This one day of the year was not created to ruin your goals. It was created to give thanks, to spend with friends and family, and to enjoy food together. But you can enjoy the food and the company without feeling completely controlled by what’s on the dinner table.

Keep up with your workouts. Keep up with your healthy choices. Keep up with the positive self talk. If we can simply visualize the holidays as just another day, we can get through it without it feeling like a roadblock. Enjoy the holidays and enjoy these special times with the ones we love. Life is all about choices and you are going to make great ones this year! Happy early Thanksgiving! Stay tuned this week for 2 more recipes you’ll definitely want to have this Thursday!

Sunday – Rest Day


Snatch: (16mins)

2 x 2 @ 75% – 85#

2 x 2 @ 80% – 92#

3 x 1 @ 85% – 97#

3 x 1 @…

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