Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Happy Monday, everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of delicious food and friends! Our friends from Nebraska actually drove out to Colorado to bring us our new hot tub and we partied it up the whole weekend…which made for an extremely lazy Sunday. But it’s Monday and it’s time to kick some serious ass in the gym and in our normal day-to-day life!

You guys. It’s almost Christmas. Not really, but pretty much. Lights are up, trees are up, malls are busy, parties are poppin’ and everyone is getting in the spirit. But that does not mean you have to throw all of your goals and plans out the window. You’re better than that! If you set a goal, don’t forget about it! If you’re trying to lose weight or drink less or stay away from sugar or workout more or whatever…JUST DO IT! Stick with it, make a schedule, create a plan and get after it, no matter what your goal is. So what if you “mess up” along the way, get back up that next day, next hour, even next minute.

I’ve talked about eating healthy around the holidays and while traveling on my podcast so be sure to listen to that because I have some great tools to help. But one thing that I’ve been doing lately, which has kind of become a life hack to help me cut out sugar, is brushing my teeth as soon as I finish dinner and putting in my retainer so I’m not interested or tempted with sugar later on. I caught a bit of sugar addiction after Thanksgiving and this brush/floss/retainer hack has really kept me away from the sugar devil. So game plan. Figure out your own life hack that…

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