Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

Good morning from Boise, Idaho! At the moment, I’m in bed from my hotel room finishing up this blog post before another fun day gets underway in this adorable little town. Yesterday I went paddle boarding then ate my weight in grass-fed burgers. Idaho is real gem so far. And in the short amount of time I’ve been here, I’ve already ran into two people who read the blog!! Yesterday I met a woman while paddle boarding then I met a different woman at 6:30am today in my hotel lobby while I was grabbing some coffee. Nothing better than meeting an awesome reader when you look haggard AF.

The next two days here in Boise, I’ll be hiking and biking and eating and eating. I didn’t plan any actual workouts because I plan on hanging out outside and staying active that way! And since I’m just here a couple days, I’ll be able to get back to my normal workouts in no time. But this is the perfect opportunity to give the body some time to rest and recover. I almost always try to workout while traveling, but sometimes it’s just time to breathe and let the muscles recover and fully develop while they have some time off.

Ok. Time to speak a little bit more from the heart for a second. I’m having a hard time thinking about any motivation when it comes to exercise right now as I watch the news about Texas. I’m so incredibly sorry, Texas. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now during this hurricane. Please know that the country is thinking of you and your family’s safety. Things will get better. We are all so sorry for the hardships you are…

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