Weekly Workouts + Thanksgiving Bodyweight Workouts to do At Home

Weekly Workouts + Thanksgiving Bodyweight Workouts to do At Home

Thanksgiving is almost here!! Which means many of you will be traveling, stuffing your faces, and will be thrown off your normal routine. But not to worry, I’m here to help you with a couple of those details. Of course, I’ve been sharing all sorts of healthier versions of Thanksgiving recipes with you guys and still have one more to share with you tomorrow, but I’m also here to help you with your workout routine! This week I’m sharing what I did in the gym last week, my favorite workout music, a bunch of on sale fitness apparel, AND then I’m giving you 5 days of workouts that can all be done at home! So whether you are traveling to a family’s house or are staying at a hotel during the holidays, you can keep up with your workouts. No excuses during the holidays! You may not always be able (or want) to control what you’re eating, so make sure you take control of your fitness. Don’t let the holidays take control of your life!! Enjoy your life, take care of yourself, and get back on track right away!

I decided this week to take a break off sharing what I ate in a day. I had a hard time even bringing that back because I got a lot of backlash when I first shared those kinds of posts. But I understand that now because honestly, I didn’t eat enough back then and wasn’t taking good enough care of my body. But nowadays, I try to eat as well as I can, eat more than I used to, listen to my body and when it’s full, and I really try to eat more veggies because those seem to lack in my daily diet. So when someone tells me that I’m not a good role model…

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