Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Well hello there, on this fine Monday! So glad you’re starting your day off here! You’re pretty much the best! Time to get motivated, get after it, and get to feeling your best! Today for a little Monday motivation, I want to chat about ABS! Because man, people love obsessing over abs. I get emails all the time about ab workouts and exercises. But you know what? There’s a lot more to abs than just workouts. And it’s important to keep all these things in mind when trying to improve your core strength and physique.

Let’s get into all the things that play a role in your lovely 6 pack:

  1. Abs start in the kitchen. Nobody wants to believe that or listen to it, but if you don’t have a clean diet, you won’t see the true results from your hard work in the gym. That means eating lean protein, vegetables, avoiding sugar and alcohol and drinking a sh*t ton of water.
  2. Genetics play a role. Stop trying to have abs like someone else. Concentrate on what your body is capable of and the improvements you can make from your own hard work. If you’re trying to get abs like someone else, you’ll never get there because YOU ARE NOT THEM. Don’t compare, just work hard for YOURSELF. Bodies are different, genetics are different, and lives are different. Concentrate on your own life, your own body, and your own hard work and you’ll see a difference way sooner!
  3. Remember that EVERY workout is an ab workout. Every workout you do should start with an engaged core. That means a little crunch and a little ribcage pulled down. If you’re not engaging your core before you…
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