Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

HAPPY MONDAY!! Someone said the other day that they absolutely hate when someone says happy Monday because Mondays are never happy. But I beg to differ. Mondays are opportunities to create the week you want to see. Whether that means having a better week at work, or getting after your new fitness routine, or taking steps to become a better person – Mondays bring it full circle.

Mondays let us decide who we want to be. So who do you want to be? Do you want to be a person who sets weekly goals then forgets about them as the week goes by? Do you want to be a person who sets resolutions and never accomplishes them? Do you want to be a person who has regrets constantly? You don’t have to be that person. You can be the person you want to be as long as you willing to forget the excuses and set realistic goals for yourself.

YOU have control of your diet. YOU have control of your fitness. YOU have control of your choices. There may be bumps along the way like illness or having a child or taking care of a loved one or an insane work schedule, but you have the ability to reset yourself and reset your outlook. Maybe you can’t workout like you could before…but you can do a 20 minute workout! Maybe you can’t cook dinner this week…but you can cook your meals on Sunday so you can reheat them throughout the week. Maybe you can’t workout at all at the moment…but you can control what foods you put in your body. It’s all about perspective and how you perceive your life and your goals. Don’t ever forget that you are in control, even when life feels out of control….

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