Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

What uuuuup boo boo baby! I’m in Omaha right now, heading back to Colorado this afternoon and back to cuddling with my little pup. We headed out to Nebraska over the weekend to hang out with some family, watch some football and drink some alcohol. I had a bloody mary at 7pm the other day, it was wonderful. But I’m ready to be back home, back to workouts, and back to home cooked food.

But wait, before you go any further, I need you to do something for me. I need you to do Sunday’s workout. Your butt will hurt forever. I think mine is still sore after a week. It’s so great. So just do it. GO!

Sunday – Workout I made up for myself during open gym. Find a video for all movements here.

50 bulgarian split squats with jump (each leg)

100 bench jumps with one leg (50 per leg)

100 in and out squat jumps

100 skaters

50 KB  push up into deadlift* (*after every 5 reps, do 15 in and out abs on bench)

100 air squats

1 mile run

I think I finished this in 40-45 minutes

Monday – Rest day – Travel day to LA to pick up my wedding dress. See the interesting day here.

Tuesday – Fit Class

800m run – 20 handstand push ups & 20 pull ups

600m run – 15 slider push ups & 15 trx tricep extensions

400m run – 10 one arm KB swing (each arm) & 10 bicep curl to press

200m run – 10 turkish sit ups & 10 man makers

400m run – 15 slider push ups & 15 trx tricep extensions

600m run – 20 handstand push ups & 20 pull ups

800m to finish her off!

Wednesday – CrossFit Class

Every 45 sec for 9 mins (13 sets): 1 Snatch High Pull into 1 Snatch. Adding. First set at 60%.

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