Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

It’s Monday!! And I’m in Denver which means it’s another solid week of workouts and eating home-cooked meals – my favorite kind of weeks. It feels so good to be back home to my normal routine and back to challenging workouts. I can always get a good workout in while traveling, but I never seem to push myself quite as much as when I’m in a class format. I love the competitive aspect, I love the camaraderie, and I love the wallowing with each other afterwards. It’s the best.

But even in my 8th year of doing CrossFit, I still find myself wanting to skip certain workouts that I’m not a fan of. But why would I do that? I most likely need to get better at those movements (because there is ALWAYS room for improvement) and going to the workout would get me there. But I still sometimes decide to do something else. Well luckily I was reminded on Thursday why I go to days I know will suck…because you learn so much from the suck. Something that made me fall in love with CrossFit is the fact that when you learn to get through the suck, you learn to continue to push, and you come out on the other side stronger than the day before. Seeing this in CrossFit taught me way more than just working out. It taught me perseverance, it taught me patience, and it showed me what consistency can do.

Going to those workouts that we know we are going to suck at is a real mind f*ck, but it can be life changing in so many other ways. Working out isn’t just working out. Working out is teaching ourselves that hard work pays off, that great acts of work start with doing things we…

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