Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Good morning out there!! And happy Monday! I’m up bright and early on this Monday because I’m ready to get a HIIT workout in, work from a coffee shop for a couple hours, cook a couple new recipes for you guys, then start packing. I’m heading to Phoenix in a couple days for a conference which means I need to get as much work done as possible before I leave!

Since I’ll be traveling this week, I’ve already started to plan out my workouts while I’m gone. If you’re someone who is trying to stick with your exercise goals in 2019 (and forever), it’s important to plan out those days, even when you’re traveling. And that means research. Before you leave for your upcoming trip, start doing a little digging into your surroundings. Does your hotel have a gym? If not, is it near a gym or do they offer membership at one while you’re staying in the hotel? Are there any classes nearby that you can join? Will you need to workout in the morning to make sure you can fit it in? What do you have time for while you’re traveling? For me, if these things are not thought through beforehand, working out won’t happen. Especially on a work trip when I need my hair and makeup done, and there are things to do at every turn through the day.

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean your body shouldn’t be taken care of. But it does mean that you will have to plan a little harder than when you’re at home. While I’m in Phoenix, I know I’ll be working out earlier than I prefer (probably around 6am or earlier) and I may be changing my normal routine up just…

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