Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Happy Monday!!! How’d you weekend go?! After talking to some of the members at my gym this AM, lots of people are doing sober January. Are you on that train? Not a bad train to be on. I love January. It’s gets people so excited for a new start, a new adventure, a new goal. But we can’t forget about the 11 other months in the year that we have the opportunity to kick ass in!

This week on my podcast, I talk about staying motivated in the gym, even past January. This whole health thing isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon…plus some. Even through changes in health, stress, moving, having babies, losing our minds – if we can keep up with the exercise, there will always be some sort of steadiness, some control, some positivity in the midst of all the chaos.

And if you are looking for more workout inspiration, make sure you are following along on instagram because I’m sharing lots of workouts there AND I’ll be sending out a special newsletter soon with bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere!

Now, in the meantime, I’m doing another podcast with reader/listener questions this coming week. So what random questions do you have? They can be related to fitness, food, hygiene, beauty products, relationships, pooping (just kidding, I don’t want to know about your poop), fashion – whatever! I’m excited to record another question podcast so ask away in the comments section below!

Sunday – Rest Day


20 minutes to work up to a heavy set: Full snatch to hang squat snatch to overhead squat – see video here – I got to 100#


1000m row


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