Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Something I’ve mentioned many times on the blog but I want to reiterate again is how much CrossFit has changed my life. Before CrossFit, I felt like many things were impossible. Whether it was passing a class or learning a new skill or even working through a relationship. When things felt difficult, I just felt like it was something worth giving up on and moving past. I just always told myself I wasn’t smart enough or good enough or the relationship wasn’t right. So I gave up. I remember saying multiple times that I just wasn’t naturally fit or had certain genetics so I would never be in good shape. I constantly made up excuses why I didn’t see results in my own life instead of just working harder to someday see those results.

When I started CrossFit, I remember wanting to give up SO.MANY.TIMES. I would cry through workouts, make up excuses in my head why I didn’t need to finish, but that just left me feeling guilty afterwards when I gave in to my frustrations. Giving up didn’t get me any closer to my goals. Just this past week, after 6 years of CrossFit, I wanted to stop in a workout. I was rowing my last 1000m and I wanted to just stop because everything hurt so much. I wanted give up and be done with it. But what would that get me? Not finishing something isn’t going to further me in my fitness goals and it sure as hell isn’t going to make me mental stronger. So I held on and even sprinted the last 200m. Because I knew I could. Even when everything said I couldn’t.

Because of CrossFit, I’ve been able to see that greatness is possible…

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