Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Are you asking, what the hell is up with that cover photo? Probably not. But that’s ok. My job has become answering questions before they are asked. You know what that cover photo is? It’s of a dance festival I went to last week. Two nights in a row. You know why I made it my cover photo? Because dancing 12 hours total was my favorite exercise of the week. Eff CrossFit, I just wanna dance. Why did I have to hate jazz dance class so much that I quit it? Why, God why?? If I would have stuck with it, I could have later joined a hip hop dance class then became a super good dancer who had super great abs and skillzzzzz. But alas, I hated my jazz dance class outfits so damn much, that I quit that class within my first recital. Don’t the instructors know that outfits are just as important as the dance? Or really, even more important. Especially when you’re 6 years old and suck ass at any sort of dance moves. I didn’t even have a sweet (now back in style) tutu. Black tights with neon socks. Gag me. Anywho, I danced my freaking face off last week. At one point, I was dancing so hard, I thought I broke my foot, then I just kept dancing.

Dancing is truly the most fun thing in the world. And at dance festivals, people are truly dancing like nobody is watching. It’s fantastic.

Sunday – Rest day! Driving 8 hours back from Nebraska after holiday break. You can imagine how incredibly healthy I felt that day. Not moving for 8 hours while eating trail mix really makes you feel amazing.  Aw well. Jackson and I napped in the back seat. He is my all time favorite…

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