Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Hello out there, happy Monday, and Merry Christmas Eve, if you celebrate that holiday! I’m up nice and early on this holiday because I’m gearing up to go to an early morning Xmas Eve workout at my gym before a lovely day at our house, eating all the things and playing all the games. I’m also thinking up a workout for Christmas Day to help keep me on track during the holidays while cookies continue to somehow show up in my hand every 10 minutes.

Holidays use to really stress me out. I would end up eating more food than usual, drink more than I usually do, then I would wake up the next morning to a swollen body and be devastated. It would make me feel like all the effort I put in recently was for nothing. Like I had taken 20 steps back in that short holiday week. But now I know that’s not the case. Sure, I’ll be a little swollen from sugar and extra water weight, but I also know this time will pass. Christmas Day is tomorrow and after that day, all the sugar will be gone from the house and I’ll be back to a normal eating schedule. And since I kept up with my workouts over the holidays, getting back to my normal state is pretty damn easy. I even share that in experience in my post – Back on Track in One Week Flat.

I say all this as a reminder that this short amount of time doesn’t dictate your entire year. Or month. Or even week. It’s a time where there is temptation around every corner and we give in because of all kinds of different reasons. And that’s ok. Because since you’ve been working so hard throughout the year, day-to-day, these few…

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