Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Gooooood morning! I wish I could act like it was a good morning over here, but it just isn’t. It’s been since Friday since my Facebook business page was hacked and I still haven’t been able to talk to anyone at Facebook. Obviously, it’s been the weekend so that makes sense, but with everything going down with Facebook being under fire at the moment, I don’t have any big hopes in getting in contact with anyone through the week. I’m a VERY small fish in a giant pond. So just a heads up – if you see anything on your newsfeed of random spam links, it’s obviously not me. If you’ve been following me for any sort of time, you know I only share links to my blog, to my outfits, and to my instagram. I don’t share links to upsetting, cruel or just gross articles. And if you see those articles, REPORT THEM. If you go directly to my Facebook page, you most likely won’t see any of that content. The hackers are only sharing it on other people’s newsfeeds. But if you see one of those links, report it. The more we can report my page as spam and hacked, the more likely Facebook will step in. I’m definitely close to shutting down my Facebook all together, but with a list of around 350,000 followers that I’ve organically grew over the past 7 years, I feel like I need to do everything in my power to regain control before I shut it down. Sorry again for any upsetting content you may have seen.

Even though I’m pretty sad about everything that has happened over the weekend, I’m incredibly happy that the CrossFit Open is over. I watched the last heat of…

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