Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Here’s a little question to ponder over for a second. Why do they serve whole cans of soda but give people who want water 1 plastic cup that’s full of 2 sips? Riddle me that?!

You know what really ruffles my feathers? Other than the lack of water on airplanes. When people just think things come easy for others. Like the other day when I was in a gym, I had a guy tell me it must be nice to be in natural good shape. Natural good shape? Uh no, bro. I didn’t play sports growing up, I didn’t like to eat healthy, and I didn’t enjoy working out. I’m not naturally fit. I didn’t come from a family of fit people, I’m definitely not coordinated and it takes me a good amount of time to build muscle and shape. But what I’ve learned because of CrossFit and paleo, is patience. I’m patient and I stick with what I know works. Paleo works. Clean food is what the body wants. CrossFit works. Because you’re constantly doing something different, confusing the body, and training hard with cardio and weights. But even though I’ve had trouble with both, I’ve stuck with both of them. I’ve had to figure out what foods work best for my body and in what amount. And I’m sure I’ll have to do it again as I age and as my hormones change. Same thing with CrossFit. I fell in love with it as I saw my body change and lose weight then began competing, but at some point I wasn’t happy with the weight I had gained from training so hard, so I changed up my CrossFit routine and figured it out again. I didn’t just say, “Paleo/CrossFit didn’t work for me.”…

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