Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Good morningggggg!! It’s Monday and I’m trying to get a good attitude going after a weird week last week.  I’ve been feeling off and it’s been a little challenging to get back on track, but I’m trying to look at today as an opportunity to get my mind right and think positive throughout the week.

I don’t know about you but every few months I feel like I’m not progressing. I feel like my workouts aren’t doing anything, I feel like my work isn’t connecting, and I feel like I’m constantly taking two steps back with barely one step forward. And as these feelings begin to pile up, I sometimes feel like I’m drowning and I’m not sure which way to swim.

During these times, I have to remind myself that these feelings are normal and they will come and go. But what really sets people apart in times of doubt is the decision to keep moving. I took the weekend off to reset and recharge and I’m now ready to move forward and leave that crap attitude behind. I plan to work my ass off in the gym, work my ass off at home, and work my ass off in my brain. I don’t have time for a bad attitude and you don’t either! Don’t let self doubt get in the way of your week like I did. Take a minute today to decide that you are going to have a great week and you are going to work your ass off to make sure that’s the case. That’s what I’ll be doing today!

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