Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Happy Memorial Day out there!! I hope your holiday weekend was relaxing and lovely…unlike mine. Turns out that Denver’s looooooong ass winter isn’t great when it comes to being in the Florida sunshine. I’m burned AF. You’re either pale AF from 50 spf sunscreen or you’re fried. I’m fried. And because of that, I can’t sleep. My body is a furnace that never stops running which means I’m up all day and all night. I miss the days when I was just constantly tan as a child, living my best life in a pool all day every day. Instead, now I just worry about my sleep schedule and aloe routine. Adulting is stupid.

It’s been another weird week of workouts lately. I was home from France for 5 days before I left for the Florida Keys, which means my workouts are still pretty off and all over the place. There isn’t much of a game plan since all I’m really caring about is moving. I’m not going to get stronger this week, or faster, or more fit, but I will get home feeling better than I would if I hadn’t worked out.

Exercise isn’t about perfection or having a hardcore workout every single day. It’s about taking care of your body. And sometimes that may mean a day off, or simply a walk in the park, or it may mean a workout that leaves your drenched in sweat. Not every day will be the same but as long as you are consistent, you will FEEL the difference and that will keep you on track for the days when your life balances back out. I know that my workouts aren’t the best right now, but I know some type of movement is better than none right now. And that…

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