Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

It’s really nice to be at a point in my life where I’m not constantly stressing about perfection. I used to always worry about eating perfect every day or working out multiple times per day, but it didn’t seem to get my very far. I was constantly stressed, dissatisfied with how I looked, and pretty unhappy. Nowadays, I try to not really worry about those things as much because I know I do my best on a regular basis. Like workouts: Last weekend, when I headed to Portland, I brought a workout outfit just in case my friend Laura wanted to workout. Neither of us ended up wanting to, so we didn’t. Not once did I beat myself up about not working out. And not once did I beat myself up about indulging in all of the restaurants we tried.

I think it’s pretty easy to beat ourselves up about the small things instead of focusing on the big picture. The big picture being the things we do well, the healthy things we do for ourselves, and things that continue to make us happy. Like cooking our own meals, or making it to the gym regularly, or taking a long walk every day, or even scheduling a massage for ourselves (I’m doing that today!). If we are constantly beating ourselves up about the “mistakes” we make like the cocktails we had over the weekend or the pizza you ate while highly intoxicated or not making it to the gym like you planned, then we don’t create an environment for us to be happy with everything great we’ve done for ourselves recently. Sorry I’m getting all deep here, but I’m just reminding you to be kind to yourself. Because it’s…

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