Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

HAPPY MONDAAAAAAY! I have a major case of the Mondays right now. Hence why this blog post is coming to you so late. After waking up at 5am and f*cking up my coffee…meaning I took a sip of watered milk and sugar…I’ve been a space case every since. But it’s time to own this Monday. Time to make a ton of recipes, get my workout on and clean this house up from the weekend! Remember, you create your own destiny. So even though Monday may blow big balls, you can still turn it around. Make it your own!

This weeks workouts weren’t too bad, mostly because I had a cold that had me glued to the couch for 2 days straight. So once I was back in the gym, I took my time with pushing it very hard. But Fridays workout, the CrossFit Open 16.2 workout, was the hardest I could push it. I was so pumped with how far I got since I’m not nearly as strong as I used to be. I got 3 squat cleans in at 145# which I was pumped about since my max is around 155#. If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, you can learn all about CrossFit and the CrossFit Open here!

Now let’s get to working out!!

Sunday – Workout by myself

Every 90 seconds for 9 sets: Hang snatch into full snatch into overhead squat – see video here – I got to 110#

14 min AMRAP Of:

7 Power Snatch (155/105)

40 Wall Ball

80 Double Unders

I got 3 rounds using 85#

Monday – Sick in Bed Day

Tuesday – Sick in Bed Day

Wednesday – CrossFit Class

Push Press: 5 x 3 Adding. 5 sec Pause OH Each Rep! (12 mins) – I got to 115#

30 sec L-Sit between each set.

7 min AMRAP Of:

5 Muscle Ups or 8 Burpee Pull…

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