Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Good morninggggggg! How ya doing today? Are you completely 100% exhausted from daylight savings? Or was it from a St. Patty’s day weekend? Or just because it’s Monday and Monday’s are the pits? I’m going with Monday is just the pits which is why I feel completely exhausted today. That and I was up at 5am after not sleeping much because I kept waking up COMPLETELY drenched in sweat. Not just a little, literally everywhere. Head to toe sweat. Sweaty clothes, sweaty sheets, sweaty hair. What’s that about? I honestly get it all the time but it’s been a little more intense lately. Do you have an answer for me? Teach me things.

This week was a pretty chill week of workouts. Mostly because I had lots of rest days. The only thing that I decided to push myself in was trying ring muscle ups in a workout. I haven’t done them in a workout in forever but since we were guessing the CrossFit Games workout would have muscle ups in them this week, we scheduled them into our workout. Funny since we did power snatches and ring muscle ups and the Games workout turned out to be bar muscle ups and power snatches. Funny how it always works that way. So I surprised myself twice this week with being able to string together both bar and ring muscle ups! Funny how when we think we can’t do something anymore, we still are able to surprise ourselves! I’m so glad that even when I’ve felt like a workout wasn’t working or that I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in that moment, that I’ve still stuck with it and pushed myself. That gives me the opportunity to still…

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