Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Christmas is officially over! It came as fast as it went. And it was honestly the strangest Christmas I’ve ever experienced. But that’s a story for tomorrow on the blog. For now, let’s talk about working out!

I normally do CrossFit 5 days per week and love it. But lately, I haven’t loved the programming at our gym. Nothing against our gym owner, I’m just not into the strength cycle that we are in. So when we get in some sort of strength cycle like this that I’m not a fan of and that doesn’t make me feel my best, I change up my routine.

That being said, I don’t just throw in the towel and give up completely with my fitness. I simply try something else for a little bit and see what my body does. I don’t just say “this doesn’t work for me” and walk away. I just work something new into my fitness routine and see what happens, how my body changes and how I feel.

With CrossFit, when we get in certain strength cycles, I don’t feel comfortable with how my body changes. Just personal preference. And I react to that by creating my own workouts or going to our boot camp style classes at our gym, and within a couple days, I already feel better in my own skin. So for the next couple weeks, you’ll be seeing more workouts that I create myself. Be sure to check here, but also check out my instagram because I plan on sharing multiple workouts there while the New Year comes up! With the New Year coming on, don’t forget that sometimes you have to search for your perfect workout. So next week on the blog, I’ll be talking about a bunch of the…

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