Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Well happy Monday morning, you lovely human. Are you as tired as I am? You must be because my morning CrossFit classes this am were SMALL, which means people had a real fun weekend. My weekend was awesome because it started off with dinner and drinks with some friends…friends being humans and scallops. Balls, I love scallops. Then we had a movie night at home watching Deadpool, which was wonderful because there are a sh*t ton of cussing. And then Sunday was spent at the lake all day, getting better at surfing then we went straight to Mexican food which made the whole weekend pretty much perfect. Lots of eating, lots of working out, and lots of relaxing. Pretty much what every weekend should look like.

This past weekend, I finally tried out a barre class for the first time at Barre Forte LoHi and loved it! Workouts like that are so humbling. I’ve been doing CrossFit for 7 years now and feel like I’m in good shape. I’m decent at running (short distances), lifting, and I have a pretty good engine. But what I never do is work the little muscles, and that’s all that barre is. Holding a squat or staying on my toes for 5+ minutes killed me. I was in a class full of women who do barre regularly and all of them could hold the squat for 5 full minutes while I had to stand up out of it probably 10+ times. It’s just proof there is always room for improvement in whatever you do.

I’ve decided to take on Barre Forte LoHi classes on a regular basis, mainly to improve my CrossFit while strengthening and lengthening those tiny muscles that don’t always get…

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