Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Happy Monday!! Hopefully you’re feeling rested and motivated from the weekend. I know I am after just getting back from 4 days in Lake Powell. It wasn’t quite long enough, but it was still the perfect getaway to free myself from social media for a few days and let the body rest away from the gym. Which means it’s the perfect time to remind YOU of the importance of resting. Let’s chat.

Ok, so hopefully we all know that working out is important. And I’m hoping that you’re working out at this point. If not, it’s time to find a workout you love and stick with it. But if you’ve been working out consistently at any point, you’ve probably overdone it once or twice. Whether that was during a workout or too many workouts in a row or even too many workouts in a day, most of us have felt some sort of fatigue. But just like any endorphin high, working out can be addicting. And when we see results, it’s easy to believe that we will see more results with the more workouts we do.

But rest is just as important as working out. When you constantly put stress on the muscles, tissues and systems, they need time to repair so they can catch back up for the next workout. Just like how we need sleep every single day, the body also needs rest. If rest isn’t incorporated into your fitness routine, not only are you increasing the bodies vulnerability for fatigue, poor sleep, messed up hormones, immunity and mood, but you’re also hindering the bodies ability to rebuild those tissues that were broken down. Which means all that hard work you’re putting in may not be…

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