Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Just to prepare you, there’s not much to see in this post. Last week was a tough week. Mexico was a bit of a failure after getting horrific food poisoning in Tulum that was more painful than I’ve ever experienced food poisoning in the past. Then as soon as I got home, I had to drive to Nebraska for a family emergency. That drive is 8 hours there, 8 hours back. So not only was the body put through physical and mental stress, but it was forced to be pretty sedentary for a while. It was a realllll bummer.

But all that rest definitely got me excited to workout as soon as I got back, and that’s what I did the minute I could. I spent both Saturday and Sunday in the gym, taking care of my body and putting it through some tough workouts. I’m going through this stage right now of wanting to build a bigger butt and since 7 years of CrossFit hasn’t really done it, I’m changing it up a bit. Yesterday I did some hip thrusters and I plan to add some glute specific movements to my weekly routine on top of my CrossFit workouts. After yesterday, doing sumo deadlifts and hip thrusters, my butt is SO SORE and I’m loving it! Squats just don’t do it for me since I’m not very strong, so I’m hoping these new movements do the trick. Excited to see what happens!

Is there any workouts or movements you’re loving lately?? I’m a little over Orange Theory lately so I’ve just been going to CrossFit mostly, but I’m excited to add movements to my own routine. Let me know what you’re loving lately!

Sunday – Normal Rest Day

Monday – Rest Day because of lovely…

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