Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Weekly Workouts – PaleOMG

Well good morning on this Monday April 24th day!! I am feeling happier than ever because after 10 days on the road traveling between Colorado, Costa Rica and Dallas, I’m finally back home and back to my routine. Right now I’m sipping on my coffee with collagen, with my puppy dog in my lap making it very challenging to type. I’m so happy to be home and excited to see where my next trip takes me next month!

Traveling for any amount of time can be challenging when it comes to eating a clean diet and keeping up with your exercise routine. But after 10 days on the road, I came back feeling mostly fatigued, but not bloated or full of regret. And I honestly enjoyed every moment of both trips. In Costa Rica, I had cocktails, I had dessert, and I had 4 million plantains and coconut waters. In Dallas, I had a few cocktails, I had dessert, and I even had some chips and guac with my room service when I was feeling a little lonely. But I made sure to balance it all. I still worked out, even when those workouts were just on my hotel balcony. I acknowledged when I was feeling full and needed to stop. And I reminded myself that overdoing it in any capacity (mostly when it came to sugar) was just going to make me feel worse and I would not have as fun of a time.

Vacations and special occasions are all about indulging in the moments that we don’t normally get to. But don’t forget about what makes you feel your best when you are home. Vacations are not about being perfect or feeling restricted, they are about enjoyment. And I promise you, I enjoyed every moment of our 1…

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