Weekly Workouts + On Sale Fitness Apparel Picks

Weekly Workouts + On Sale Fitness Apparel Picks

Does this look like an ad for a company? It totally does, doesn’t it? Don’t prank the phone number. That would just be rude.

This weeks workouts consisted more of eating treats and consuming alcohol than working hard in the gym. To say I was an emotional eater would be an understatement. That time of the month just f*cks with you sometimes. And since it hasn’t in a while, I was c-c-c-crazy this month. I hated everyone, (except for my fiance, thankfully) hated working out, hated the workouts, hated my hair. I just hated stuff to hate stuff. But I’m ready to turn it around this week. To clean my sh*t up along with my attitude. Sugar has this downward spiral effect. The more you eat it, the worse you feel about life then you want it more and more and continue to eat it and continue to downward spiral. That was me last week. But no more! Time to sugar detox, continue to recover from my hangover, and eat all the Thanksgiving food. Because I’ll be making that for the blog this week so you can get to planning your Thanksgiving paleo menu!

The workouts this week were mostly CF, but I did hop in a Fit class at our gym to mix it up…I went to that because I didn’t want to do strict handstand push ups in our CF class. My body sees no purpose in practicing those. Anywho, Fit classes are bootcamp style classes we offer at our gym which are circuit style classes with lighter weights and usually higher reps than our CF classes. It’s nice to go to those classes sometimes because you’re never quite as miserably sore as you feel after CF.

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