Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

How cute are the people at my gym? They are just adorable! The other day we had 44 people in our Saturday am class! So badass! Love seeing people getting back at it on the weekends after their summer vacations!

Currently I am on plane heading back to Colorado after a weekend in Omaha. My brother-in-law played his final game of college football so we flew to Omaha then drove to Sioux Falls to watch his final game. I have no idea what Dakota that was in, but I do know that I drove through multiple states in one day. Wait, is it in Iowa? Who the hell knows. What I do know is that since I met my husband almost 5 years ago, I have flown and driven through more of the midwest than I’d ever like to in my lifetime. The things you do for love.

And at the moment, I have a man who is really invading my personal space on the armrest. I hope he is reading this.

Whenever we go to Omaha, I always pack a ton of snacks because I know meals will be limited. My husband’s family just doesn’t care about eating as much as I do. If I could, I would plan out every single meal of every single day. And I tend to do that when I’m traveling with my foodie friends. But that just doesn’t happen with his family. I know that I function best when I’m eating 3 meals on schedule and it keeps me feeling my best. Along with bringing snacks, if I ever have the opportunity to find a grocery store, I’ll pick up some food there as well.

What I’m getting at, and what I’ll touch upon more this coming Saturday in my podcast, is that if you plan ahead, if you think things through, and if…

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