Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

Happy Cyber Monday!! Are you just buying the sh*t out of things this weekend?! So many freaking sales! What’s the point in ever going to the mall anymore now that we can buy everything online in our warm home, in the comfort of our pajamas? Pointless! I’m linking some of my favorite fitness apparel sales going on right now so you can load up on some activewear and feel even more motivated in the gym!

So let’s talk it out. How did Thanksgiving go? Did you have healthier options at your dinner table? Were you able to stay away from the crap while still enjoying your holiday? Did you hit up your gym the day of Thanksgiving like all these lovely people in the picture above? Or did all hell break loose? Either way, today is a new today, today is the start of a great week, and today is a day that you can decide you have control of what your consume and how you conquer your work. We all have bumps in the road, we all have moments that we indulge, but it’s the people who continue to work hard every day that will persevere through those challenges.

If you can continue to workout hard and make healthy choices most of the time, those overindulgent moments, those holidays, and those parties won’t be as big of a deal. Because the holiday season is only getting start. But if you can continue to work hard every day, make better decisions for yourself and take responsibility for your lifestyle, your body will be ready! Life is full of daily decisions and if you can decide that your health comes first, you will continue to become a healthier and happier person.


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