Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

I’m using a picture of Jackson passed out on the couch because that’s what I did most of last week. In Lake Powell. In previous years at Lake Powell, I’ve worked out most days because I was training for CrossFit competitions, but this year, no thank you! All about drinks, floaties, water, and Vitamin D!

Sunday – REST DAY! Guess what I did? Went clothes AND house shopping! House shopping is so fun!

Monday – Labor Day partner workout at CrossFit Broadway!! I did this workout with my friend Katie and she was killing me. We would split most of the movements into 5 reps at a time and she would finish her 5 reps in a few seconds and I would be so out of breath that I wouldn’t be able to pick up the weight right away. So I was a crappy partner. But she still pushed me to do the workout as prescribed, which I never do. And will not be doing for a while, especially if it includes squats.

For Time:

800m run (400m run each, relay style)

60 burpees over the bar

50 front squats (135,95)

40 push jerks (135,95)

30 power snatch (135,95)

40 push jerk

50 front squats

60 burpees over the bar

800m run

The workout took me and katie 27:33

Tuesday – Noon workout. I hate muscle ups recently. My boobs aren’t into them.

Hang Snatch: 1.1.1 – 14 mins to find a heavy triple with quick reset – I got to 115#


4 x Max Effort Sets of one of the following: ( 90 sec rest between sets) Muscle ups OR C2B Pull ups OR Pull ups OR Ring Rows – I got a total of 7 muscle ups (1, 2, 2, 2)


8 minute AMRAP:

8 hang power cleans (155,105)

16 wall balls

I got 6 rounds + 4 hang power…

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