Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

When I travel, I actually get outside of my Denver/CrossFit/Paleo bubble. You see, working at home or at my CrossFit gym puts me at somewhat of a disadvantage when it comes to understanding the general population. But since I’ve been traveling a lot lately, I’ve been able to open my eyes to what most people are doing, eating, and how they are living. And as we know, most people aren’t living a healthy lifestyle. And most people are finding any excuse why not to live that healthy lifestyle. Because excuses are truly easier. Busy job, kids, picky wife or husband, stress, loss of a loved one. Whatever it is, it’s so easy to use that stressor as an excuse to not to workout or not to eat healthy.

But excuses are excuses. And the more you create one excuse, the more likely you’ll create even more in your life. So let’s start with some basics and this is more so food related since more people have an issue with changing their diet:

  1. Busy job and kids: You need to plan ahead. Life isn’t going to calm down. Get extra meals made early in the week so it’s easy to reheat and have something on hand when school gets crazy and sports start up, all while juggling your own job. If you have things on hand, you’ll stick with healthy eating even when it feels like you have no time left in the day for it.
  2. Picky spouse: Then tell them they can figure out their own meal and you plan yours. My husband eats what I make him because that’s his only option. He doesn’t want to make his own food so he eats what he is given. Sometimes he makes requests and I’ll…
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