Weekly Workous + What I Ate in a Day While Traveling

Weekly Workous + What I Ate in a Day While Traveling

Pura Vida! And hello from Costa Rica! We are on our one year wedding anniversary vacation and it’s been an amazing couple days so far! But wifi has been scarce so I haven’t been posting much and I even uploaded the wrong podcast yesterday. Blog fail. But we are back on track, back to PaleOMG (kind of) and back new delicious recipes and fun posts this week! I’m trying to be on a true vacation while still running my business which means my husband is out getting himself a cocktail right now while also ordering me dessert to eat in bed while I finish up this post. My dream vacation involves dessert, his involves cocktails. We even each other out perfectly.

This vacation has been a true vacation so far. I’m usually in the gym almost every day when I travel, but because our hotel doesn’t have a gym and we are spending most days walking, I’ve been spending most of my time indulging in cocktails I normally wouldn’t drink. And it’s been wonderful! We found a cocktail that matched our favorite drink in Jamaica (where we got married) so we’ve been having multiple each day!

I try to stay pretty healthy on vacations, but this one has been a little different for some reason. I’m trying to enjoy the time lying in bed, watching the sunrise, the moments on the beach watching the waves role in, and the moments spent with my husband that I’ll never get back. I try to make good choices when it comes to my food (I still haven’t had any gluten), but I’m also enjoying a week that I probably won’t have for another year, until we celebrate our second year…

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