Weekend Away in Beaver Creek

Weekend Away in Beaver Creek

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If you’ve read my blog at any point in the past, you probably know I’m not huge into the outdoors. Mostly because driving to the mountains here in Colorado can be a bit of a nightmare. There is almost always bumper-to-bumper traffic, the mountains can get expensive, and there are always a million people around. But that is not the case mid-October in Beaver Creek. Once the aspen leaves have fallen and before the mountains are littered with snow, mountain towns have quieted down and a sense of calm passes through. I’ve lived in Colorado my entire life with the great outdoors at my feet, but it wasn’t until a couple weekends ago when I headed to Beaver Creek with my girlfriends that I was reminded how amazing and calming being outdoors can be.

For me, I could really care less about skiing or rock climbing or whatever outdoorsy people do, but what I do love is being around people I care about and getting in good conversation throughout the weekend. So many of us are so incredibly busy at this point that in-depth conversation is hard to come by. It’s so easy to go day-to-day without truly knowing what our friends are going through. And this weekend away in Beaver Creek gave us that opportunity to do just that. We were able to hike, hot tub, sip on cocktails and sit by the fire, all while sharing true feelings and experiences of what all of us are currently going through while getting outdoors and breathing in fresh air.


Our trip to Beaver Creek included 5 women who love to eat and drink. While we were in Beaver Creek…

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