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Wedding Dresses at Matfen Hall

I’ve recently got to know a lovely woman called Helen who has just started up her own wedding dress shop called Sanderson Bridal. We met at a couple of wedding fayres and over through course of a few chats we decided to work together on a shoot to showcase my photography and her products. She’s only just started up and this would help with her marketing as well as boost my portfolio while the wedding season is just starting to get going.

We were both very definitely of the opinion that we should use models who were different to your traditional runway types. We wanted to show all the women who will see these pictures how they could actually look in their dresses (you know, if they weren’t 6’2″ and a size 4), and after a little social media advertising agreed on 3 women with varying degrees of modelling experience. All the model applicants were great in their own way, but we wanted a size 10, a 12 and a 14, as well as different hair colour and looks. To get that variation wasn’t easy, and sadly our size 12 had to drop out last minute due to personal reasons, but Sabrina and Tanith were wonderful.

We were very lucky to have the amazing Matfen Hall as a venue, kindly lent to us free of charge, and whose staff were unbelievably helpful (we love you Matfen!).
The make-up was done by the lovely Leanne, and you can check out her work HERE
Our hairdresser dropped out last minute too, but the fabulous Michelle stepped in to save the day!

All in all it was a fabulous experience made possibly by the kindness and generosity of all the people involved. So many thanks to everyone who helped out in every way!

Here’s a selection of the photographs from the shoot: